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Color Splash LED

ColorGlo Multi-Color Portable Spa Lights and Color Splash Replacement LED
In-ground Pool & Spa Lights are manufactured by J&J Electronics, Inc. of Irvine, CA. J&J has a long history of providing high value and top quality products to
Pool and Spa Owners, Dealers and Manufacturers all over the world.

Since 1996, we’ve been the leading provider of Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs). Over 100,000 of these safety units are installed with spas throughout North America, protecting spa users from potentially harmful electrical

And for nearly two decades J&J’s Lock ‘n Seal ® molded connectors have
been the standard means of connecting equipment in the spa industry, with
over 5 million connectors in spas globally. Our water resistant power cords keep spa equipment like pumps, lights and ozonators safely connected to a spa’s topside controls.

J&J is proud to have a place in so many backyards, providing pool and spa users with a safe, relaxing and transforming pool and spa experience.